Monday, November 28, 2005

tpsss25 - sleepy sunday show #25

Guest hosted by Donna Maciocia from Amplifico

Donkeys & Elephants by Gecko 3
Buy their recently release EP 'Mentum' on their site

The Money Song by Spun Rivals
Track available for free download on their site:

Come What May by Staccato Set
(Staccato Set aren't as active as frontman Ziggy's band Found so he asked me to forward listeners primarily to the Found site where details about both artists can be found...)

Morning by Cayto
Debut Album !Blunderbuss! just released to critical acclaim of much of the national press, buy via their site.

Sing A Song by Essay Like Nephew
Free MP3s up for download on their site

Big thanks to Donna for standing in, I'll be back in a couple of days with another tartanpodcast.

the tartanpodcast in Podcasting For Dummies

A smile was brought to my face when I opened a copy of 'Podcasting for Dummies', flicked to the 'independant music podcasts' section and noted that of the three the authors recommend, the tartanpodcast and Podshow stablemate Bandtrax podcast are included.

Thanks guys!

tpexpo - tartanpodcast expo interviews



Creative Commons

Some interviews with podcast-type people attending the Portable Media Expo and Podcast Conference.

Joe Deon

Gary Leland

Eric Rice

Dan Klass

Dave Slusher


Franklin McMahon

Michael Goeheghan


the tartanpodcast is Dazed & Confused magazine

Thanks to Jon for the pic.

Quote from the article;
"If video killed the radio star, one wonders what podcasting might do. Annoyingly, Chris Moyle's job is probably safe, but it has certainly bred a new crop of underground heroes.
(re the tartanpodcast) - One of the best new music podcasts championing Scotland's great unsigned and the fruit of local independant label's loins."

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

tp66 - tartanpodcast #66 - my top 5

Here's my top 5 tracks submitted by Scottish bands.

Disagree? Well, add a comment to this post with you top 5 songs from those I've played on the tartanpodcast.

I'll choose a winner and play your selection.

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tpsss23 - sleepy sunday show#23 - guest host PW Fenton

I'm still in Los Angeles, at this moment hanging out in Lance Anderson's apartment.

Thankfully PW Fenton is covering for me this weekend, so here's his guest slot on the tartanpodcast's sleepy sunday show.

  • the Midden - Man of War

  • Hollow Horse - Love Can Be a Lost Cause

  • the Midden - Wild Mountain Thyme

  • Enter the Haggis -

I'll update the shownotes later.

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

In my absence, talking among yourselves

As I'll be away for a few days, and then taking a wee break afterwards, perhaps you'd like to chat among yourselves?

If that appeals, head over to the tartanpodcast forum with its fetching comic book styling. You can find it here.

Appetite Whetter;

    Top 10 reasons for staying subscribed to the tartanpodcast until at least the end of the year
  • Guest hosting from Alastair Bishop, including a behind the scenes look at how some of your favourite Scottish bands write and record, what inspires them and what they're listening to

  • Guest hosting from acoustic pin-up Steven Finnie. Steven will be bringing you a Sleepy Sunday Show.
    If you haven't purchased a copy of 'Popular Music That Will Live Forever' yet, then you need to be quick, the band are down to single figures - it's an EP that's set to become a collector's item, IMO.
    UPDATE:Finniston now have a forum.
  • Guest hosting from Donna Maciocia from Amplifico. Another unique insight into the Scottish indie music scene, listen out for a Sleepy Sunday Show from Donna.
  • Guest hosting from those two whacky English-type persons, Jon & Rob from the one and only - onthefrontpageofitunesbuti'mnotjealous -Top of the Pods. Ah, what laughs will be in store for us when these two craaaaazy pranksters take over the tartanpodcast mic? You'll just have to wait and find out!
    [Mark has his lawyers on standby]
  • Ever wondered what my top 5 tunes would be? Stay subscribed to find out; Mark's top 5 songs as played on the tartanpodcast is coming up very soon

  • Another marathon. After the positive response to tartanpodcast 64, expect another longer podcast with loads of great music stuffed into it

  • A Spotlight show on Maeve O'Boyle

  • A two part Spotlight show on Aberdeen indie label Fat Hippy Records
  • A Spotlight show on Amplifico

  • My experiences flying half-way around the world to attend the Expo

So, what can I say? Please stay subscribed - and while you're doing that, tell a friend! - the tartanpodcast is going to continue bringing you the best independant music from Scotland.

Monday, November 07, 2005

tp65 - tartanpodcast#65

Another week, another tartanpodcast - showcasing Scotland's independant musical talents and barely a bagpipe in sight. Well, maybe just one.

  • Soss Band - Pawky Adam Glen & 4,000,000 of The Biscuits
    Soss being the gaelic for a coarse mixture or mess
    Email the band
    They've got music you can buy and download - go to their site for details.

  • Amplifico - Just To Pause This - a tartanpodcast exlusive
    Big thanks to Donna from the band for recording this especially for the tartanpodcast - look out for a spotlight show from the band soon.
    This track can be downloaded for free from their website.
    Email the band

    This is where Donna recorded the song!

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Get Firefox!

Expect things to be quiet for a few days while I'm away at the Expo.

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tpsss22 - sls12 - calamateur


Combining the sleepy sunday show with a spotlight on an artist whose music is perfect for a sleepy sunday show.

Andrew Howie is the man behind Calamateur, and the sleepy sunday show today puts the spotlight on him.

    Visit his website here.
    Visit Autoclave Records here.
    Visit Is This Music? here.
    Buy 'Son of Everyone' EP, music from which you heard on today's show

    Order your copy of Is This Music? on-line;
    keep up to date with the latest from Scotland's indie music scene

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