Monday, November 07, 2005

tp65 - tartanpodcast#65

Another week, another tartanpodcast - showcasing Scotland's independant musical talents and barely a bagpipe in sight. Well, maybe just one.

  • Soss Band - Pawky Adam Glen & 4,000,000 of The Biscuits
    Soss being the gaelic for a coarse mixture or mess
    Email the band
    They've got music you can buy and download - go to their site for details.

  • Amplifico - Just To Pause This - a tartanpodcast exlusive
    Big thanks to Donna from the band for recording this especially for the tartanpodcast - look out for a spotlight show from the band soon.
    This track can be downloaded for free from their website.
    Email the band

    This is where Donna recorded the song!

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Expect things to be quiet for a few days while I'm away at the Expo.

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Blogger bpende said...

Bought my SOSS files just today, after I got my email from Dave. The tracks all sound great!!! Thanks for turning me on to - yet again - another band that I'd never hear this side of the pond.

December 16, 2005 4:37 PM  

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