Wednesday, January 04, 2006

tartanpodcast LIVE!

I need feedback from you guys;

Tartanpodcast LIVE! looks to be going ahead on 24th June 2006 at Westway's Crash the Venue.

The feedback I need from you is who plans to attend? This is to get a rough idea of the numbers of listeners to the tartanpodcast that will be there - or who want to be there.

We don't have a ticket price yet, but it will be less than £10.

The bands on board?

The Twisted Melons
Hotrod Cadets
Maeve O'Boyle
Hollow Horse
Bear in mind, this is a first - the first tartanpodcast LIVE! event, the chance to see some of your favourite indie Scottish bands on stage together.

So, if you plan on being there, please leave a comment here on the website.


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